Mikki And Page From HD Wetting

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Mikki and Paige make out in a secluded spot all alone.  The moment is perfectly intimate.  With only each other for company they have no distractions.  Well, there is one distraction- Paige needs to pee. Completely caught up in the moment, Mikki doesn’t want things to end.  She encourages Paige to keep holding it. Paige progressively grows more and more desperate to relieve herself.  Eventually she reaches her limit.  Distracted by Mikki’s kisses, Paige looses focus on her bladder.  The momentary slip in attention is all it takes. The floodgates open resulting in a humiliating accident right there while making out.Feeling bad about Paige’s embarrassment, but unable to take back what has already happened, Mikki decides to join her friend.  Also suffering from an achingly full bladder, Mikki relaxes and lets her golden stream flow freely into her jeans.  Both girls, now soaking wet, head off together to get changed.

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