Dee The Maid Peeing

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The latest female desperation and wetting video from Real Wetting stars Dee “Dee is playing a maid role in this video, she has to lay the laundry outside to dry taking them a few tens of meters outside the house. She starts laying the towels on the clothes line when she realizes that her bulging bladder is torturing her for a while now. She tries hard not to mess up her first day on the job, she squirms and fights her growing urge to pee. Finally when the last piece of laundry gets hung on the line she starts leaking into her panties, to her surprise. Her lycra pantyhose that she wore that day start shining with piss as she is wetting herself. She stays there for a long while until she empties her bulging bladder into her lycra tights. A super sexy female desperation and wetting from Real Wetting

See Dee Pissing Herself Here


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