Paige and Miki From HD Wetting

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What could be sexier than Paige and Mikki in the shower together?  How about Mikki peeing in her skin tight cotton shorts and then getting in the shower with Paige? In this high definition video, Paige is taking a shower when Mikki enters the bathroom and asks to join her.  Paige agrees on one condition- First Mikki must pee.  Mikki asks if she can pee in the toilet, but Paige refuses, telling her she has to pee through her shorts on the floor. Already needing to pee, Mikki is happy to comply.  Soon warm piss is gushing through Mikki’s shorts and running down her legs. Once she is done pee, she strips naked and gets in the Shower with Paige.  The two girls have some wet fun in the shower- Making out and rubbing each other’s bodies until they are clean. A great HD Wetting Movie

See Paige And Mikki Here


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